N’oj is a Mayan Kaqchikel word meaning “that which is not seen but exists” and refers to internal wisdom. In the 5th issue of Revista N’oj, we posit the body as self, as knowledge, and as resilience in its capacity to hold trauma and pain as well as growth and healing. Using decolonization as a lens, we invite you to reflect on your bodily experience.

How can BIPOC/LGBTQ+/Disabled and other marginalized bodies resist, change, and exist outside of Western, colonial frameworks?

Submission types include: poetry, short form fiction and nonfiction, creative writing, photo essays, and other art forms.

Example themes include: labor, intergenerational trauma, social policing, pleasure, community healing, and other practices of self love.

If you would like to have your work published in Revista N’oj, please send your completed first draft in an email to with “Post Submission” as your subject title. Attach all drafted submissions as a Word document (do not paste it into the body of the email). Include any links into your draft as URLs in the body of your draft (ex. Include sources and references in the submission as endnotes. Please include a short bio with your submission—three to four sentences. All submissions must be your original work.

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