Revista No’j is the new online publication of the Latinx Research Center (formerly the Center for Latino Policy Research) at the University of California, Berkeley. As part of an interdisciplinary and transAmericas research center, this project seeks to support and showcase the critical and creative work of writers, poets, performers and other artists offering perspectives on topical issues rarely covered in mainstream outlets.


We, at Revista No’j, are here to provide a platform for intersectional, feminist, anti-racist, and decolonial analyses and debates on the politics and culture of our time. Our inspiration comes from the presence and persistence of indigenous cosmologies and knowledge production originating outside of Westernized, Eurocentric world-views. We are motivated by the wide-range of thought and creativity demonstrated by indigenous, black, and afro-indigenous social movements of the Americas. We seek to publish the opinions and voices of writers, artists, and activists whose work highlight these struggles and further decolonial and anti-racist organizing on the ground. We are committed to the role of the engaged public intellectual and are dedicated to making decolonial research, theory and praxis accessible and relevant to the broad Latinx community. 


Just some topics that are of interest to Revista No’j 


·     Indigenous, Black and Latinx decolonial social movements


·     Black, Indigenous, Chicanx and Latinx feminisms


·     decolonial praxis and pedagogies 


·     borders, borderlands, border-crossings 


·     space and geopolitics


·     solidarity and coalitions


·     ethnic studies, third world studies and transdisciplinary research


·     art, aesthetics and resistance


·     spirituality and the decolonial


·     land, labor, and labor struggles


·     settler colonialism and migration in the Americas


·     the *everyday* resilience of the Latinx community


·     etc. 


If you would like to have your work published in Revista No’j, please send your completed first draft in an email to revistanoj [at] with “Post Submission” as your subject title. Attach all drafted submissions as a Word document (do not paste it into the body of the email). Include any links into your draft as URLs in the body of your draft (ex. Include sources and references in the submission as endnotes. Please include a short bio with your submission—three to four sentences. All submissions must be your original work. 




(1) Short form nonfiction—News, Reviews, Commentary (op-eds and essays), and report-backs, typically of fewer than 3,000 words. 


(2) Long form nonfiction—essays or reportage of typically 3,000 to 5,000 words. 


(3) Fiction, poetry and or creative writing, open. 


(4) Photo essays—please provide some context and idea behind your work. Include caption for each photo (100-150 words).