Interview with author, Dr. Laura Pérez

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Riot or Uprising: A Conversation with Pierre Labbossiere on the Haitian Crisis

Haiti has seen a series of demonstrations since September of 2019 that were triggered by a fuel shortage. Shortly after, demonstrators started demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. Media outlets have depicted these demonstrations as riots. In this podcast, we hear from Pierre Labossiere, co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee, and look at the history of Haiti, to determine whether these demonstrations are in fact riots or whether they are part of an uprising that stems from Haiti’s long history of resistance towards oppressive forces.

Language and Violence in Brazil with Dr. Daniel Silva

    In this podcast we work through several themes including social media’s role in Brazil, especially through whatsapp, in constructing false narratives of political figures and events. We talk about Jair Bolsonaro and his use of language and its relationship with physical violence. We try to hash out what […]