Separated families get a three-minute hug.

Three minutes, enough time to say 375 words and roughly the length of two-thirds of a piece of paper. Three minutes is how long border separated families were allowed to see each other on November 6th at the Border Network for Human Rights’ event, Hugs Not Walls. Hundreds of families met at the Southern border, where border patrol unlocked the gates and “allowed” these families to reunite. Although this time is short, the embraces and acts of love were in itself a protest. We should not be automatically happy for these families, yes they got to be reunited and in some cases, meet for the first time, but remember it was only three minutes. This time might be everything at the moment, but not enough to satisfy a family separated by a wall, the military, and laws created by those who never had them in mind. We are happy that more than two-hundred families got to spend a minute together, but we know they deserve so much more.

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